How long can we maintain abundance

A free interpretation of the I Ching Hexagram 55. Fêng / Abundance (Fullness)

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Chên is movement; Li is flame, whose attribute is clarity.

Clarity within, movement without — this produces greatness and abundance. The hexagram pictures a period of advanced civilization. However, the fact that development has reached a peak suggests that this extraordinary condition of abundance cannot be maintained permanently.


ABUNDANCE has success.

The king attains abundance.

Be not sad.

Be like the sun at midday.

It is not given to every mortal to bring about a time of outstanding greatness and abundance. Only a born ruler of men is able to do it, because his will is directed to what is great. Such a time of abundance is usually brief. Therefore a sage might well feel sad in view of the decline that must follow. But such sadness does not befit him. Only a man who is inwardly free of sorrow and care can lead in a time of abundance. He must be like the sun at midday, illuminating and gladdening everything under heaven.


Both thunder and lightning come:

The image of ABUNDANCE.

Thus the superior man decides lawsuits

And carries out punishments.

This hexagram has a certain connection with Shih Ho, BITING THROUGH (21), in which thunder and lightning similarly appear together, but in the reverse order. In Biting Through, laws are laid down;here they are applied and enforced.

Clarity (Li) within makes it possible to investigate the facts exactly, and shock (Chên) without ensures a strict and precise carrying out of punishments.

THE I CHING or The Book of Changes


This hexagram really reminds me of people who are never happy, and that when something really miraculous happens the first thing they think is — hum! Something really bad is going to happen!

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