I’m here, feeling the wind on my face and my bare arms.

Photo by the author from a serigraphy by Querubim Lapa

It’s August in this city and a prologue is being prepared.
And I’m here, seated at this coffee table in this open-air gallery, under a concrete and stone building.
I saw a snail woman just after buying the first…

some quick thoughts on comparison

Photo by Samuel Girven on Unspalsh

It is strange. What’s strange? It’s strange that to learn, we must compare. I don’t need to compare. Sure you don’t! Yes totally!

Right then, let’s go for a walk. Where?

To the forest just around the corner. I actually prefer the other one.

Which other one? The other one…

Not according to Macrobiotics and my sister that has an autoimmune condition

Photo by Jo Sonn on Unsplash

This morning my sister called me.

She told me that she went to the hospital’s urgent care last Saturday because of an unbearable pain in one of her legs that was starting in her sacroiliac and extending to her knee!
At the hospital, they gave her anti-inflammatory medication and sent…

I was in Paris when I read about the medium writer challenge for the first time! Where were you?!

Photo by the author at The Orangerie Museum

It was my first time in Paris.

It was also the first time I participated in a writing challenge, and before starting, I felt pretty anxious.

Then I read Alberto García…

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Am I working enough?!
Now that I don’t have a job
I wish my parents had raised me to be an athlete.
I could be a famous tennis player right now.
My mother did her best to raise me to be a hard-working wife,
I’m now a hard-working lesbian wife.

Dear Humans,

Photo by Massimiliano Reginato on Unsplash

“If we wish to achieve an effect, we must first investigate the nature of the forces in question and ascertain their proper place.”

Hexagram 64. Before Completion in The I Ching or the Book Of Changes

It started with a conversation at lunch when my kid sister and I were…

A couple of years ago, when I was a manual therapist, I received a client, a man in his 50’s.

Illustration made by the author using vector Q from a picture taken by the author’s sister

His body was tender, just like wild asparagus, covered by morning dew.
His wife was a dense grey cloud, and soon I understood that they were firmly attached, as she spoke more than him.
Quite shy, he could complain about a pain in his back that he would describe as a…

I want to start this text by expressing my gratitude towards all the women that came out since Sapho on the greek island of Lesbos!

Photo by the author of a Sigismunds Vidbergs ilustration frige magnet bought at Lnmm

The other day my partner and I were having a pleasant conversation with a heterosexual friend when she expressed how she felt about the word…

Photo by J W on Unsplash

I think it was last Monday, when we had dinner with my parents, and I told my father that my partner and I were taking tennis classes.

Let me put this into context very quickly for you: my father is a small farmer who loved football at the beginning of…

11 unconventional reasons why you should visit this incredible and luminous city!

Photo by João Requengos on Unsplash

To meet me for a coffee, early in the morning and by the river, still foggy, I take you to a Portuguese cafe, and we will drink a Bica (beba isto com açúcar), which means drink this with sugar — but I would invite to skip the sugar! Portuguese coffee…

Aurora Frois

I’m now into forests!! 🌲🌳🌴🍀🌴🌳

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